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Northwestern basketball coaching search

Northwestern searches for a new basketball coach after the firing of Bill Carmody

Chris Collins sips, ft. EVERYTHING

We went around teh internet and found what you had to say about Chris Collins. It was a lot!

Collins hire was remarkably easy

Northwestern's basketball search was shockingly easy: instead of a long, dragged-out, and possibly failed process, the Wildcats landed the guy they wanted - and a guy who wants them - in Chris Collins right off the bat.

Northwestern officially hires Chris Collins

As suspected, longtime Duke assistant Chris Collins will be the next head coach of Northwestern basketball, meaning the Wildcats got their first choice for the job.

Greg Paulus to join Collins' staff?

With Chris Collins seemingly just an announcement away from being Northwestern's head coach, we can begin thinking about his staff, which will "likely" include Greg Paulus. Wait, WHAT?!?!?!

NU has reportedly hired Chris Collins

Word is Chris Collins had already been hired as Northwestern's next basketball coach, as we wait for everything to get official.

Coaching search sips, ft. Collins, Sina, and more

A lot of detritus from the past two days on Chris Collins' NU plans, Jaren Sina's future, other potential candidates for the Northwestern coaching job.

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Chris Collins is Northwestern's next head coach

All the evidence seems to point to Chris Collins as Northwestern's next head coach, with a possible announcement coming sooner rather than later.

NU could hire Chris Collins this week

Chris Collins could be Northwestern's next basketball coach by the time Duke plays Michigan State Friday.

NU basketball coaching search: Al Skinner?

Al Skinner's been out of college basketball for three years, but had a great run at Boston College. Could he end up as Bill Carmody's replacement?

Dave Paulsen a 'leading candidate' for NU job

We've talked about Bucknell head coach Dave Paulsen possibly taking the Northwestern job, and it appears he's in consideration for the gig.

Chris Collins continues to be front-runner

We're still a little while from hearing anything official, but talk about Northwestern's head coaching vacancy continues to center around Chris Collins, who leads the pack by more than a little bit.


There's only one logical choice for Northwestern's vacant head coaching position: Pat Fitzgerald.

John Giannini won a tourney game! Is that good?

La Salle's John Giannini is a successful mid-major coach with ties to Chicago who won an NCAA Tournament game last night. Well, he's kind of a successful coach.

Hold That Tiger: Mitch Henderson possible at NU?

Let's keep the coaching carousel spinning with a familiar face and former Carmody lieutenant, Princeton HC, Mitch Henderson.

Chris Collins will be first to interview at NU

Chris Collins is the first confirmed interviewee for the Northwestern vacancy per Teddy Greenstein, while Jeff Goodman of CBS says that Collins to the Cats is "all but done".

Could Brett Reed replicate Lehigh success at NU?

Brett Reed has been successful at Lehigh thanks to zero-star-recruit-turned-superstar C.J. McCollum. Is there any reason to believe something separates him from other successful mid-major coaches, both as a coach and to NU's administration?

Bryce Drew worth A Shot for NU?

Bryce Drew has two Horizon League titles in two years in charge of the school he linked his name with on a 1998 buzzer beater. Could he have the same success if he opted to leave for Northwestern?

Could NU lure Bob McKillop from Davidson?

SoCon Champs, so what? Let's take a gander at the low mid-major coaching czar.

New NU Coach: Don't make the same mistake Iowa did

Iowa has a very good team this year, but they won't make the tournament because of a soft non-conference schedule. The new Northwestern coach, whoever he is, shouldn't make the same mistake.

Could NU promote Tavaras Hardy to head coach?

Tavaras Hardy was Bill Carmody's lead assistant - and his most talented recruiter. Is there any chance Jim Phillips opts to promote the former Northwestern center to head coach?

Chris Collins 'very interested' in NU job

Multiple reports indicate that Chris Collins would be interested - perhaps very interested - in filling Northwestern's coaching vacancy after the firing of Bill Carmody, and that he'd enjoy tackling the challenges the program faces.

NU Coaching Search: Bucknell's Dave Paulsen?

After winning his third consecutive Patriot League title at Bucknell this season, Dave Paulsen is certainly going to attract interest from high-major programs, and Northwestern will probably be one of them.

NU coaching search: Duke's Chris Collins?

The name mentioned most frequently with Northwestern's now-vacant head coaching position is Illinois native Chris Collins, who has been rumored to be in the mix for years. But is this just another pipe dream, or is the Duke assistant actually interes

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NU's coaching search begins. Who's an option?

Tommy Amaker flamed out his first time in the Big Ten, but the Harvard coach has proven he knows how to win at a school with stringent academic standards. Will NU dip into the Ivy League after what happened with Bill Carmody?

NU coaching search: Tommy Amaker?

Tommy Amaker flamed out his first time in the Big Ten, but the Harvard coach has proven he knows how to win at a school with stringent academic standards. Will NU dip into the Ivy League after what happened with Bill Carmody?

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The Bill Carmody saga

Northwestern has a decision to make after another season without an NCAA Tournament bid. Will they fire Bill Carmody, the most successful coach in program history, after 13 years?


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