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Northwestern, 74, Texas State, 68: No Drew Crawford, some problems

Northwestern looked a little bit lost defensively against Texas State but came back after trailing by six late, scoring the game's last 14 points.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern's first outing without Drew Crawford was ugly, but they fought back from a tough, tough spot to beat a Texas State team that put them in a bad scenario. Not good for a game you're expected to win, but at least it was a win.

Northwestern was clicking offensively early when they actually got to shoot the ball, but that didn't get to happen often, as they turned the ball over nine times. Tre Demps was the guiding light with three first half threes, but eventually in the second half, he turned his ankle. But they headed to the half down two.

Things got ugly. Things got really ugly. The offense wasn't working, and at one point, Northwestern was shooting 50 percent from the field, from three, and the free throw line. Eventually, they were down six having missed eight of 13 free throws.

But Northwestern got its gift down four when a Texas State player decided to raise himself up on the rim after a dunk to put the Bobcats up six, as he got called for a tech. From there, some made free throws - made free throws! - a Dave Sobolewski three to break a field goal drought of nearly ten minutes, and some turnovers thanks to the 1-3-1 to give Northwestern a lead late after a hideous game. Northwestern scored the last 14 points of the game, because, what?

Props go to Demps, whose shot is coming along, Kale Abrahamson, who hit some threes despite looking ugly on defense, and of course, Dave Sobolewski and Reggie Hearn, whose 18 and 15 points were barely the biggest of their contributions. Serious props to Texas State, who fought hard and had some strong performances - add Wesley Davis to the list of people with career highs against Northwestern, after he hit his first four threes.

There's some problems with this team and we'll talk about them later, but the good news is that a team without Drew Crawford found its leaders and got a W in sort of a rough situation.