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Northwestern vs. Brown Preview/Game Thread

Northwestern plays Brown on a Sunday afternoon, so get ready for Bill Carmody's Christmas tie and some academia.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

It's Sunday morning, you're still hung over, and somewhere, somewhere on this beautiful blue floating orb of ours, Bill Carmody is meticulously tying a bright red tie with a picture of a snowman on it. Because Northwestern plays Brown at 12:30, and here's what you need to know about it.

Are they good?: NAHHHH. 3-5 on the year, losses to St. Francis (NY), Bryant, and New Hampshire, who as I type is on the business end of a whooping by Penn State.

Us and them: Northwestern last played Brown in a road game in 2008, with Craig Moore dropping 31 on the Bears. There was some Ivy League Carmody involvement earlier, as Bill Carmody's longtime assistant and Obamabro Craig Robinson coached the team from 2006-2008, but eventually ditched the Ivies for Oregon State. This is Northwestern's first NERDOFF against an Ivy school since, in case you noticed Billy jonesin for some smartypants basketball replete with backdoor cuts and no scholarships.

Northwestern's record vs. schools that start with "B" and are named "Bears": 1-0.

Difference between the amount of times Brown has been to the NCAA Tournament and the amount of times Northwestern has: Just two! They went to the inaugural one - you know, Final Four at Patten Gym and all - and in 1986.

Names: Some goodies: Cedric Kuakamensah and the Nigerian born Longji Yiljep pair with überWASP Tucker Halpern. In other news, Brown only has ten guys on its roster, which is impressive.

Should NU win?: Yeah. Texas State aside, the team that played Friday night should be good enough to put a team like this away.