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Butler, 74 Northwestern, 65: Postgame

Northwestern couldn't hit shots after a win against Baylor, and dropped a home game to Butler which kinda hurts.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern lost to Butler on an awful offensive performance. Sound familiar? It's the same story of the Wildcats' first two losses. Now there's three, and the NCAA Tournament thing is looking a tad bleak.

Dave Sobolewski gave his all, but there was nothing offensively from Drew Crawford - aka the guy who is supposed to be Northwestern's offense - and there was a loss. NU has made a habit of being bad at shooting, and its starting to not be a surprise at this point.

Rotnei Clarke killed NU from three, but worse was Andrew Smith getting open over and over in the paint. NU had a great free throw advantage after getting them into foul trouble, but it wasn't enough to take an advantage. This team isn't good at shooting, and with their offense, that's a sign for a good percentage of losses.

Welp. I don't see things changing anytime soon.