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Northwestern, 70, Penn State 54

We went into a Thursday night game wondering whether Northwestern without Drew Crawford could win a Big Ten game. We left knowing they could earn a blowout, as Jared Swopshire and Dave Sobolewski were on from the start.

Cooper Neill

Northwestern won a Big Ten game. Northwestern won a Big Ten game!

The Wildcats were down 10-6 early, but then Penn State stopped hitting... well, anything, finishing their first half with only 18 points. Meanwhile, Northwestern's threes started falling in ways they haven't in either of the team's first Big Ten games, and soon the Cats had a 20 point lead, which they held for most of the second half.

Don't read too much into this, y'all. Penn State was way off, and, if the poor shooting in games since Drew Crawford got hurt were any indication, Northwestern was way on. But still, it's really encouraging to see Northwestern up 20 in a Big Ten game, regardless of the details.

Jared Swopshire played his best game since winning the South Padre Invitational MVP, and Dave Sobolewski was there early, and the win wasn't in doubt at any point in the second half.

So we'll talk more about this season tomorrow. Now, the eyes turn to another big game against Iowa before more monsters in the form of very highly ranked teams play the Cats.