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Iowa, a bunch, Northwestern :( - ugliness reigns at Welsh-Ryan

I don't have anything funny to say here. Northwestern got walloped.

Northwestern couldn't score at all against Iowa and looked lost in pretty much every way in a major beatdown. That's not a sentence I enjoyed typing.

The first half was awful, genuinely one of the worst exhibitions of basketball I've seen at the NCAA level. Northwestern had 15 points - five field goals - and it wasn't because they weren't getting open looks or Iowa was playing great defense. They just couldn't hit anything. 1-for-12 from downtown. Iowa only led by ten because Northwestern was actually pretty solid defensively, and the Hawkeyes were missing their fair share too.

That's just not something I'm used to seeing from Northwestern basketball, but it'll be that way this year.

The second half flipped the script. Northwestern started getting some makes, but Josh Oglesby drilled a fewI don't have anything funny to say here. Northwestern got walloped. threes, while Aaron White and Melsahn Basabe finished easily over and over again in the lane. Michael Turner came in and played a lot instead of Alex Olah, and he was pretty weak defensively.

There's just so many things you can't do here. This is a game on your home court, and you can't make anything - not even free throws. It's not just losing, it's losing badly, and because you played badly, against a team that isn't one of the best in your conference. Truly bad.