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Northwestern vs. Indiana basketball preview

Northwestern beat No. 23 Illinois the other night! Can they keep it rolling vs. No. 2 Indihhahahahahahahahahaha I couldn't type that with a straight face


If there's one thing this Northwestern basketball season has done, it has made me want to stop writing about Northwestern basketball. So here's my summary: basketball is, at its basest level, a game about people making baskets, and Northwestern is bad at that most of the time, but certainly has the capability to do it sometimes. Did that sentence sound extremely stupid? Great: it's the most accurate thing anybody has written about Northwestern basketball this season, including that 1300 word story you slogged through written by anybody.

So let's talk about Northwestern vs. Indiana!

Are they good: hahahahahhahaahaha so good

What are they good at?: Fun, fun question. There's no real chinks in Indiana's armor. I've watched both of their losses this year - to Butler YEAH GOOD TEAMS LOSE TO BUTLER TOO and to Wisconsin - and I couldn't single out a single thing. The Butler game they played great and Butler matched them step-for-step, because they're good too. Wisconsin just put teh clamps on everybody besides Cody Zeller, and it worked somehow. It's one of those Kenpom pages where there's no red.

If I had to summarize, I'd say this: Cody Zeller is really frickin good. The physical talent is there, the shotmaking ability is there, the ability to find the right spot on the floor so he just has to finish uncontested layups after somebody else drives and dishes is there. From there, the floor spreads, and when you have Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford drilling threes,

Welsh-Ryan is the worst: After NU's win Thursday night at Illinois, Northwestern is 5-1 on the road and 6-6 at home. If things go to plan over the next three games, NU will be 6-1 on the road and 6-8 at home. That's absurd. My point is: GO TO THIS GAME. It will be packed to the gills.

Remember when Indiana sucked two years ago?: Yeah. That was fun.

Can NU win?: Conceivably? Yes, if they have a home court advantage. Anything goes when you nail shots, although Indiana won't turn the ball over like Illinois with Yogi Ferrell running point. (P.S.: shoot pls Yogi) In all likelihood? This is a 30-pointer.