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Northwestern basketball vs. Lewis exhibition game thread. BASKETBALL

Northwestern plays a basketball game tonight!


Northwestern plays a basketball game tonight! NORTHWESTERN PLAYS A BASKETBALL GAME TONIGHT!


Sure, it's an exhibition game against Lewis -- who's Lewis you ask?

It's a school in Romeoville, down near Joliet. Their team name is the Flyers -- not the fliers. Aviators. Notable alumni include a few baseball players and Paul Stevens, the Winningest Baseball Coach in Northwestern history, also known as the guy who somehow hasn't been fired after damn near 30 years without making the NCAA Tournament. This game is probably the biggest game of his life, considering Northwestern hasn't been to the NCAA Tournament in baseball. They're DII.

But they're kinda good at basketball! They almost beat DePaul, by which I mean they lost 84-79, and they beat Loyola (Chicago) 82-70. It's cool that they're getting a tour of D-I institutions in the Chicago area! But yeah, still we hope Northwestern is better than DePaul and Loyola.

Anyway, we've been writing about Northwestern basketball over at BT Powerhouse, with a post about Northwestern's backcourt and Northwestern's frontcourt. I highly suggest you check out BT Powerhouse, where the breadth and depth of the Big Ten basketball coverage has been awesome and will only get better. We also had this good comprehensive preview in the fanposts and I assume you saw THE RETURN OF LORETTA8. But I'm gonna have a big ol' preview tomorrow and hopefully we can talk about Northwestern basketball together.

r now, let's watch this game against some DII bros, because Northwestern is (hopefully) going to win. My boy Brandon is on the call on BTN online or whatever, so listen to him! You could also a) attend the game or b) listen to the radio, if you're cheap.

Aaron Liberman might play!