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Ohio State, 65, Northwestern, 55: Final score

NU fought hard for the second time in as many tries against Ohio State, but Lenzelle Smith drilled some threes and Deshaun Thomas was just too good for the Wildcats.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

There's something about Welsh-Ryan Arena that makes the Ohio State Buckeyes struggle. Not lose - just struggle. And thus, Northwestern lost a tight one to Ohio State in a game that was in the balance until the final two minutes.

The first half was alright, not the type of thing to be crazily optimistic about, but alright. Dave Sobolewski had ten, but Lenzelle Smith Jr. went 4-4 from three to start, and NU trailed by seven.

The second half was ridiculous. Kale Abrahamson hit a weird off-balanced runner, Tre Demps made some great finishes around the hoop, and Alex Olah finished a and-one jumper. It was weird. It was super weird. NU was able to jump out into the lead briefly on a pair of occasions, but they couldn't hold it. DeShaun Thomas is just too good, and Ohio State forced a bunch of turnovers against a team that tends to be good at holding onto the ball.

And that's your game. Nice fight from a team that's been clearly outmatched. The way they've played in two outings against Ohio State has been worthy of praise, even if it hasn't carried over into other games.