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Michigan State, 71, Northwestern, 61: Postgame thread

Northwestern fought hard again despite being undermanned, but it wasn't enough, as No. 10 Michigan State turned up the defense and got the win.


Another fine effort from what's left of Northwestern's roster, but another loss.

Northwestern didn't really seem in it at the start - down 19-7 at the start, but NU hung tight, with a Tre Demps three cutting the lead to seven at the half. Even more weird, Northwestern outrebounded the Spartans in the first, grabbing half of their offensive misses.

Then, things got weird in the second half. Alex Marcotullio drilled some threes, Demps made some tough shots, Alex Olah dunked - dunked! - after hitting some jumpers in the first, and even after MSU pushed the lead to nine in one direction, NU fought back, tying the game up at 51.

But that was all she wrote. Michigan State buckled down defensively, and the Spartans went on a 6-0 run.

Northwestern always gives it to Michigan State, but there really just wasn't enough talent here for Northwestern to win. Against anybody. The effort was incredible, and the close losses were impressive, but this team still went winless after the Jared Swopshire injury, and that's not fun.

Now forward to the Thursday night game against Iowa. That would be a fun tournament resume to spoil.