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Report: Northwestern to release Jaren Sina from LOI after Bill Carmody firing

Jaren Sina will be free to look at other programs after Northwestern fired the coach he signed up to play for. But will he actually go elsewhere?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Jaren Sina really doesn't look likely to come to Northwestern, you guys:

Northwestern will allow Jaren Sina to consider other schools after firing Bill Carmody by releasing him from his National Letter of Intent, but the top point guard recruit from New Jersey will continue to consider the Wildcats as one of his potential destinations pending a coaching hire, Jerry Carino of NJ Hoops Haven reports.

Sina's status has been a big question throughout the entire Carmody firing. It seems relatively likely that all the players currently at NU will remain, including Drew Crawford, who could hypothetically transfer without sitting out a year. But Sina - one of the better NU recruits in recent memory - has been rumored to not be interested in sticking around without Carmody, per this Neil Hayes story where the 6'1 high schooler's father says Sina would likely not go to NU and he wouldn't help future NU coaches with recruiting in New Jersey.

So is Sina gone? Well, maybe, maybe not. He says NU will be on his list, a list that presumably features Seton Hall, a school Carino argues makes an awful lot of sense for Sina. It also could feature Alabama, where he had committed as a sophomore before reconsidering and picking NU.

The only news here is that Northwestern's administration aren't huge jerks. A National Letter of Intent is some form of legally binding, and Jim Phillips is being true to his word by allowing Sina to do what's best for him. It isn't good news, but it isn't necessarily bad news - yet.