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Tavaras Hardy on Chris Collins' staff as assistant coach

Tavaras Hardy is responsible for the lion's share of important players on Northwestern's roster, and the highly touted recruiter will stay at his alma mater under Chris Collins, who has retained him as an assistant coach.

Jonathan Daniel

Some good news here, although somewhat predictable after yesterday: Tavaras Hardy will remain a member of Northwestern's basketball staff under Chris Collins.

We've written about how we wanted Hardy to stay on staff for a bit due to his strong recruiting ties in Illinois and connection to the institution since, well, he was still hypothetically a candidate for the head gig. After all, practically every important player to touch Northwestern's roster in the past few seasons came via Hardy, so maybe don't let that go.

Yesterday, when the other two assistants on staff in Fred Hill and Ivan Vujic were let go, it seemed to foreshadow Hardy's retention, and now we have official word. However, it does appear Hardy will be just a regular old assistant coach, not Associate Head Coach, as he has been the last two seasons.

With Hardy in one spot and Greg Paulus seemingly in another, there's still one spot on Collins' coaching staff. It'll be interesting to see who it goes to, especially considering Collins' emphasis on the importance of assistant coaching. (Not another Dukie, pls.)