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Northwestern gets Bryant McIntosh (2014 PG) over Purdue, Memphis, Iowa

Another basketball player other people wanted to play for their basketball team? Chill, Chris Collins.


My sincerest apologies for writing about BASKETBALL while Northwestern is murking everything in sight on the gridiron -- remember how, like, most of the reason people read this site for three-ish years was our basketball stuff? Me neither -- but alas, Chris Collins continues to be really good: Northwestern landed Bryant McIntosh, a Class of 2014 point guard who is supposedly quite a land.

McIntosh, a 6'3 180-pounder from Greensburg (Ind.), had originally committed to Indiana State, but while watching him at the state championships, Travis Miller of Hammer and Rails noted that he looked way better than the talent you'd expect from a player committed to Indiana State. Upon reopening, he's a three-star dude who garnered interest from schools like Purdue, Memphis, Creighton, and Iowa. It's always nice for Northwestern to get a guy other schools actually wanted, you guys.

I, obviously, don't track down high school basketball players, but it seems like things are coming together nicely between him and Vic Law (Gavin Skelly didn't cause a ton of waves in the recruiting world, but some players that you can say that about have become good for Northwestern.) Those who do have nice things to say (and sure, some of them are just saying nice things because their jobs are saying nice things about Northwestern basketball recruits, but, still, I'm allowed to get excited, right?): !!! Although obviously he's going to say that. Okay that's kinda cool.

Highlights! Well produced highlights with pretty listenable music!

From McIntosh's perspective, dude made a modestly alright photoshop:

So dude's background picture is Stephen Curry and he wears No. 30, and he looks sorta EXACTLY like Stephen Curry, which I can deal with.