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Northwestern-Nebraska Preview/Prediction Threadstravaganza!

The matchup between Northwestern and Nebraska at Ryan Field has been anticipated by NU fans - especially the ones from Northwestern - all season. Can the Wildcats repeat their performance from last year and knock off a favored Nebraska team?

Jonathan Daniel

Let's get to predictin y'all - and let's hear what you think finna happen!


Bo Pelini and the Cornhuskers are coming into this game "angry" after using the film 12 Angry Men as motivation. Luckily, this movie was shown in one of my SESP courses that had many football players in it so they should know excatly how to neutralize this gameplan in addition to the Huskers picking up a 12 men on the field penalty each play which should aid Kain Colter in the offense.

Nebraska is really going to be keying in on Colter so hopefully Coach Fitz' and OC Mick McCalll will have a more diversified gameplan where Colter and Trevor Siemian have a better chance to succeed unlike the Minnesota game as Herman profiled. We know Nebraska can give up some points as evidenced by the 63 spot Ohio State laid on them, but they can also score points averaging 43.7 points per contest with veteran Taylor Martinez slinging it.

I don't know if we are ready to win a shoot-out against a better-than-Syracuse team despite being unquestionably happier than Nebraska with the well-publicized Cat nap.

Nebraska 35-30


I'm going to start this by saying that Taylor Martinez terrifies me. Remember a gimpy Marqueis Gray running all over Northwestern last week? Even Ryan Nassib had some success on the zone-read. If he gets that much space, Martinez will score about 5 touchdowns, so point to Nebraska. On the other hand, Nebraska turns the ball over a lot and can't cover punts, both of which play into Northwestern's strengths. If you asked me on Monday, I would have taken the safe route and picked Nebraska in a shootout. A week of dreaming about fumbles bouncing into Chi Chi Ariguzo's hands and Venric Mark taking on a coverage unit that allows 15 yards per punt return has changed that.

Northwestern wins, 45-35.


My heart says Northwestern. My brain says Nebraska. Usually, my brain takes a back seat in everything I do. Unfortunately, my gut, the third member of my decision-making anatomical panel, also says Nebraska. So, in a 2-1 decision, I think Nebraska's going to take this one. I just don't really like how we've looked on offense the last two games, with the head-scratching playcalling, the mistakes, and the inability to control the clock. That, combined with our depleted secondary, makes us clear underdogs. I wish it were different.

NU 28, UNL 13

Heart kill brain, stab gut. Go 'Cats!


I'm in class right now and my professor just tried to argue that 1/3 is a rational number but .333333 (with infinite threes) is an irrational number, they're the same goddamn thing how can anyone not know this and teach a class about anything? I got your countable infinity right here, pal.

Nebraska 38, Northwestern 24


Hmmmmmmmmmmm, y'all.

On the one hand, Northwestern has only played one good-ish team all year, and lost.

On the other hand, they're playing back home, playing a team they beat last year, when Northwestern was worse and Nebraska was better. Oh, and they look bad on defense at playing against running quarterbacks, you know, like the one Northwestern has, and can't stop the run, and uh Venric Mark.

If NU utilizes its weapons right, this is gonna be a shootout. If not, it could be a blowout. This isn't one of those weeks where I literally haven't been able to comprehend Northwestern losing, which is typically a good thing, because those weeks never turn out well. I think Nebraska pulls it out, but I'd love for the real NU to prove me wrong again.

Final score: UNL 42, Northwestern 38