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Northwestern Wildcats 28, Nebraska Cornhuskers 29: Postgame Thread

Northwestern lost again by blowing a fourth quarter lead


Nebraska handed Northwestern a 4 point halftime lead by turning the ball over 3 times, and NU managed to extend that lead to 12 at one point before collapsing in the fourth quarter. Odd as it is to say after giving up 543 yards, I don't blame the defense much in this game. They dropped two potential interceptions in the final quarter, but they also held an offense scoring over 40 points per game under 30 and came up with a fumble recovery.

The offense, on the other hand, once again couldn't stay on the field. Northwestern went 3-and-out 10 times out of 17 drives, not counting the drives to end each half. Jeff Budzien barely missed what would have been a go-ahead 53 yard field goal late in the fourth quarter in spite of the offense's issues. I don't know what is going to happen against the Iowa and Michigan State defenses, but it probably won't be pretty.