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Quick Thoughts on Northwestern-Iowa

Northwestern handled Iowa after going up 28-3 to get a win on homecoming. Kain Colter and Venric Mark combined for 332 yards on the ground, which is a lot.

David Banks

Ahh, homecoming. Northwestern got a big lead early and held on to it, although it wouldn't have been a Northwestern game if it didn't get way closer than it should've been at the end. All in all, a fun win and a fun first game back at college since graduating. (Advice: never graduate. Never graduate.)

  • Team Kain. Team Kain Team Kain Team Kain. Northwestern's offense was uninventive, but Iowa couldn't stop it, so it didn't really matter. Kain Colter absolutely murdered everything on the ground and although he had one pretty ugly overthrow that got picked, he showed that he could throw the ball downfield without the world ending, although the TD he tossed was kind of a duck. So that was nice. Only one pass for Trevor Siemian, and we could've done without it too. More of this, please.
  • Northwestern let the Hawkeyes back into the game at the end, but a very impressive defensive performance. We were all extremely worried about the pass defense, but I really liked what I saw from Daniel Jones and Demetrius Dugar wasn't bad neither - a lot of the sacks picked up by NU's defense were on coverage. I'm not sure if that's because James Vandenberg was dying on the inside or because there was actually nobody open, but it happened.
  • We blocked a punt! Play of Tyris Jones' career. I pretty genuinely forgot that was a thing that happened. Northwestern's special teams have been especially special this year, so hold all the jokes about NORTHWESTERN NEEDS A SPECIAL TEAMS COACH THAT ISN'T PAT FITZGERALD at least until next year.
  • Somebody caught up to Venric Mark from behind. Seriously, how did that happen?
  • BOX SCORE TOMFOOLERY: Why and why did Iowa have three punters?

Anyway I'm going to keep pretending to be in college. Talk more later - we have two weeks to do it!