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Pat Fitzgerald Intense-O-Meter: Penn State

The 5-0, No. 24 ranked Northwestern Wildcats head to Happy Valley to take on the 3-2 Penn State Nittany Lions. NU only has one win in school history at Penn State, including some dramatic come-from-ahead losses in recent years.

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None of my friends wanted to go on a bus from New York to State College that cost $50 and arrived there at 4 a.m. :( don't worry, I figured out people who did want to go, except they live in a different city. Last time Northwestern plays on the East Coast (where I live, and stuff) until 2017, so I sort of had to?)

Anyway, let's move on to the intense-o-meter:

Pat Fitzgerald INTENSE-O-METER reading:8.4

Last week: 7.7

You know, it seems like everything is set up this week for bad things to happen. Northwestern is undefeated. Northwestern is ranked. Northwestern is playing a team practically everybody has said is in for a down year. For most people, these are good things. For a Northwestern fan, they are signs of imminent defeat. And that's not factoring in the fact that Northwestern always - always! - loses to Penn State, even in our good years, even when we're up three touchdowns in the first half, and the fact that NU's one road game thus far was against a poopy Syracuse team that put up 41 on us. So that's all bad.
But the Fitz intensity rises, and will continue to rise as Northwestern's games continue to get bigger. If this is indeed a year where crazy things happen to Northwestern football, every game is must-win, and winnable road games when ranked certainly count in that department.