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Northwestern-Michigan State injury report: CB Nick VanHoose out

Bad news for Northwestern, as Nick VanHoose once again won't be able to go for the Wildcats, leaving Demetrius Dugar in a starting role at cornerback.

This happened last week, and, well it was bad. Devin Gardner really picked on Dugar, and although he redeemed himself with a pick on a very poorly thrown ball, it didn't necessarily make up for the pact that Gardner had been picking on him all game. Plus, VanHoose had been playing on the right side to start the year, and, well, Roy Roundtree was on the right side on that play, covered by Daniel Jones instead of VanHoose. Andrew Maxwell isn't a great quarterback, but neither was Devin Gardner, who had himself a very nice day throwing the ball.

Dugar is listed as VanHoose's backup, although we'll likely see a lot of Quinn Evans as well. Past those three... well, I really don't know.

VanHoose now hasn't played in the past two weeks after making himself known as the team's best corner quickly in his freshman campaign. NU looked alright against Iowa without him, but not so much against Michigan.

Other players out include Collin Ellis and Hunter Bates, both backups. Bates has sadly been out for a while his senior year. Venric Mark got dinged up late in the game last week, but he's not listed, so that's good.