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Northwestern-Illinois football preview/prediction threadstravaganza!

Northwestern can win nine games, win a hat, win on senior day, and win Pat Fitzgerald's record-tying 49th game as Northwestern's head coach when they take on Illinois Saturday. Kinda like a big deal.

Northwestern should be able to blow out Illinois Saturday. It should be sweet: Illinois isn't so good at the football, and Northwestern can seal their first nine-win season since 2008. Plus it's senior day and we get a free hat! (that's made out of metal and attached to a piece of wood)

Let's take a look at what SoP's staff thinks will happen!


So Illinois is terrible. Because Northwestern is Northwestern, this means that the Illini will hang around far longer than they should, probably because Nathan Scheelhaase decides to remember that he is a mediocre quarterback and lights up the NU secondary. Because, as I said before, Illinois is terrible, Northwestern still wins without too much drama, and Pat Fitzgerald ties Pappy Waldorf's 49 wins as a Northwestern head coach.

Northwestern 34, Illinois 17.


Northwestern as a program still isn't blessed with so much talent that any game can be considered a sure win. But we sure better win this one. And I think they will. This team has showed up every single game this season. Even in our three painful, painful losses, the Wildcats have put up strong fights, and we've been in every game up to the end. This has not been true in most seasons, where we've had a handful of games where we've just not competed very well. So, while this season-ender has all the makings of a letdown game, I think this Wildcat team has the right state of mind. Business will be taken care of on Saturday.

NU 34, Illinois 21


星期 六 他们 打 这 个 比赛 的 时候, 我 不 想 看

Northwestern 38, Illinois 10

(can you see the Chinese characters? I've run out of material in English.)


Say this for Northwestern: they haven't lost a game to a worse team all season. And mark it down: Illinois is a worse team. Northwestern should coast to a relatively easy victory and hopefully get some of the seniors that haven't had a chance to see the field much into the game.