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Northwestern Bowl Game: Outback if Nebraska wins, Capital One if Wisconsin wins, reports @TeddyGreenstein

Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune reports that Northwestern will go to one of two possible bowls: with the Outback Bowl taking NU if Nebraska wins the Big Ten Championship game and the Capital One taking NU if Wisconsin wins, picking them over the Huskers.


We've seen a lot of speculation and projections and whatnot regarding Northwestern's potential bowl games, but for now we have our first honest-to-goodness source via a reporter, as Teddy Greenstein reports that Northwestern will go to either the Outback Bowl or Capital One Bowl.

We already knew due to bowl rules that if Nebraska won, Northwestern would go to either the Capital One Bowl or the Outback Bowl. Greenstein reports that in that case the Capital One will choose Michigan, and Greenstein adds that NU would be the automatic pick for the Outback.

However, the real thing here is that the two-win rule means that if Wisconsin wins, Michigan won't be eligible for the Capital One with a ten-win Nebraska squad qualified for the bowl. And that Greenstein's source says that in that scenario, the Capital One would likely choose Northwestern over Nebraska. Which is the "woah" moment.

There's reasons there: Nebraska went last year, they'd be coming off a loss, and they didn't sell their allotment to the Big Ten Championship game. Suffice it to say, it would be kinda cool if Northwestern got picked over Nebraska.

This rules out the Gator Bowl, so don't worry about booking tickets to Jacksonville.

In the five years I've been following Northwestern sports, Teddy Greenstein has been right about literally everything, even so I'm going to trust him on this.