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Northwestern No. 21 in BlogPoll

Northwestern is ranked higher in the BlogPoll than in the real BCS. Sweet, huh?


Fie, BCS! You think Northwestern's the No. 22 team in the country? Well, the BlogPoll disagrees! The BlogPoll thinks you're vastly underestimating the power of Northwestern football!

The BlogPoll puts Northwestern, at, uh, No. 21. I can't grab it for whatever reason, but you can go here and check it out.

You can also make fun of me for having the lowest change in my ballot since last week, or for having the fourth-most homer-y ballot. Or you could not. But regardless, Northwestern will probably be a top 20 team after Championship Week this week, if not in the BCS - well, it probably will be in there, too, but whatever - in the BlogPoll.