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Northwestern football rankings: Wildcats No. 21 in Coaches Poll

Northwestern is No. 21 in the Coaches' poll after Week 10 and will probably be ranked in the BCS Standings that come out Sunday night.

David Banks

So the Coaches' poll is out, and Northwestern is ranked No. 21? Well, that's pretty alright!

I'll be honest: I can't really figure why Northwestern is No. 21. No wins against ranked teams, in fact, no games against teams that were actively ranked. Admittedly Nebraska and Penn State, the two teams we've lost to, have looked pretty alright - the Huskers are No. 16, the Nittany Lions are ineligible to be ranked because of things. All I'm saying is: I wouldn't put Northwestern No. 21.

Normally, we worry about the AP Poll, since that actually kind of makes sense as opposed to the coaches' poll which is generally some weird amalgam of nepotism and idiocy. As one would expect, Northwestern is unranked in the AP, clocking in at No. 30 if they counted that low. But the Coaches' poll is the one that matters in the BCS Standings, so expect Northwestern to have a number next to its name when those come out later.