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Northwestern football rankings: NU No. 24 in Week 11 BCS Standings

So the Week 11 BCS standings are out, and Northwestern is No. 24, putting them in the BCS for the first time since 2008.

NU didn't play, but several teams ahead of them lost, putting them in the standings. The Cats made the cut thanks to the human polls, as NU is No. 21 in the coaches' poll and No. 24 in the Harris poll, but had an average ranking of 27 in the various computer algorithms and only placed in the top 25 of two. All that puts us at No. 24, right behind Rutgers and right ahead of Toledo.

As noted, it's the first time NU is ranked in the BCS standings since 2008. The Wildcats are 0-7 - 0-7! - as a team in the BCS standings, so let's break that streak maybe? Of course, because being ranked is super-important, Northwestern will be underdogs by nearly two touchdowns when playing Michigan this weekend. College football is a stupid sport and nothing about it makes sense.