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Northwestern vs. Michigan football prediction/preview threadstravaganza!

The No. 24 Northwestern Wildcats head to Michigan to take on the unranked Wolverines in a game where they're underdogs. Make sense? Sippin' on Purple's staff predicts the game, with or without Denard Robinson.


The No. 24 Northwestern Wildcats! The unranked Michigan Wolverines! A potential upset, although nobody is really sure who is supposed to be upsetting who?

I'm slowly getting super excited for Northwestern's matchup tomorrow, and so should you, so, you know, git. As is usual, I asked our band of idiots what we think about tomorrow's game, Denard Robinson or not, so read on.


Northwestern (11-4-4) has too much championship experience in the back and midfield for an undisciplined Michigan (9-8-1) team to breakdown. NU boasts the best goalkeeper in the conference in sophomore Tyler Miller (.74 GAA) while the Wolverines start a ginger in Adam Grinwis (1.13 GAA). B1G Freshman of the Year to be Joey Calistri now has 8 goals (2nd in the B1G) on the year after scoring in back to back matches to get the offense going and the ‘Cats head to the Big Ten championship game with a chance to pull the double double.

Final Score: Northwestern 2, Michigan 0
(Oh, same score for the other football game as well - Devin Gardner or Denard Robinson pull a Dan Orlovsky for an NU victory) #BeatMichigan.

(Editor's note: this also serves as your prediction thread and game thread for Northwestern-Michigan soccer, apparently, 2:30 p.m. on BTN.)


I will start on an optimistic note: I think Northwestern can shut down Michigan's run game even if Denard plays, and I don't think the secondary will give up nearly as many big plays as it allowed against Michigan last year. The problem comes on the other side of the ball; Michigan's defense has been great in every game but two. Since Northwestern isn't Alabama and Michigan will presumably be more prepared than they were against Air Force, I don't see much hope of NU handing Michigan a second conference defeat. Michigan wins, 24-13


I've picked Northwestern to win every game this season, which makes me 7-2 on the season so far. Not bad. This game against Michigan has all the makings of a Northwestern loss. The Wolverines have talent, and they're at home. We are ranked, and we typically faceplant whenever there's any hint of hype. But this program needs to learn to win with expectations, and I can't think of a better time to do it than coming off a bye week. I embrace the hype, and I welcome the attention. Come on, Wildcats, give the country a show.

Northwestern, 34, Michigan, 24


A Michigan fan I know, in response to some Big Ten trivia question involving the University of Chicago, asked if the University of Chicago still exists.

Michigan 38, Northwestern 17


Don't believe the hype, or the rankings, or the standings: Michigan is the better team. I think Northwestern will once again play Kain Colter as much as they should, but I don't see Northwestern getting the stops they need on defense, Denard Robinson or not. Robinson's a monster that will romp over the Cats if given the opportunity, and Devin Gardner can probably hit the open receivers Shoelace is liable to miss, especially if Nick VanHoose is out. Northwestern can win if special teams come into play, or Michigan makes a few dumb plays offensively, but for the most part, I think this is Michigan's game in another heartbreaker.

Michigan, 38, Northwestern, 31