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Northwestern likely to play in Capital One Bowl vs. Texas A&M

Northwestern has a "75 percent" chance of going to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando to play Texas A&M for a second straight year.


So the smoke has cleared after the conference championship games, and it seems like Northwestern will be headed to Orlando to play in the Capital One Bowl against Texas A&M.

The Cap One has supposedly been interested in taking the Aggies for a few days, and nothing changed from the SEC side of things as Alabama won a thrilling SEC Championship Game. From the B1G side of things, Nebraska was going to have to lose in order for Northwestern to be the likely Capital One pick, and boy did they do that, getting absolutely whipped 70-31 by Wisconsin thanks to a few trick plays but more just general domination. It seems silly that anybody would ever pick Northwestern over Nebraska, but when you consider the fact that the Wildcats are excited and Nebraska played there last year and their entire fanbase a) didn't turn out to the Big Ten Championship Game because they thought they were going to the Rose Bowl b) wanted to go to the Rose Bowl and not Orlando c) just saw their team get smacked, its really not surprising.

Apparently, the Capital One folks don't mind too much that we played the Aggies last year. Teddy Greenstein says there's a 75 percent chance that NU will go, so that's good. Stuart Mandel agrees. In other news, Johnny Manziel could win the Heisman.

Sippin' on Purple will be here all day with the latest updates, so stay tuned!