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Nebraska to Capital One Bowl official, Northwestern essentially locked in to Gator Bowl

The Capital One Bowl has confirmed that they will take Nebraska, basically ensuring Northwestern will head to Jacksonville to play in the Gator Bowl.

The question is: why would they take Nebraska, coming off a pounding at the hands of Wisconsin in a game where fans didn't travel well? Teddy Greenstein says its because the Big Ten made a push behind closed doors, trying to ensure that the loser of their conference title game didn't fall below the Capital One Bowl. That sounds pretty likely, and would explain why many - including Greenstein - were left with yolky faces after predicted Northwestern to the Capital One all week. Well, it'll be fun watching a team that just gave up 70 points to Wisconsin in action against most likely Georgia.

So Northwestern could hypothetically go to the Outback Bowl, but pretty much everybody thinks that they'll take Michigan. That pretty much leaves the Gator. More updates comin y'all.