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Sexual Healing with FOUR days til Gator Bowl

Not excited about the Gator Bowl? Tyris Jones can get you excited, baby. Smooth.


Counting down the days in the home stretch to Northwestern's New Years' Day Gator Bowl experience against the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Days til bowl: FOUR

Today's GET OVERWHELMINGLY PUMPED UP VIDEO AND/OR THING: Running back Tyris Jones stealing your heart and body with a rendition of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing"

<p>Tyris Jones has brought a lot of things to Northwestern football over the past few years: The senior walk-on has worked diligently and worked into pistol-ish formations as a leading blocker/fullback, scoring two touchdowns this season, although people will probably remember his ill-fated carry against Michigan. But I dare say that nothing is more important for Northwestern football than this rendition of " sexual healing now to go about the wounds of years bowl losses.>

You see, Northwestern did karaoke last week as part of bowl night, an event that was live-tweeted by Bo Cisek, and we got out of it things like this video. Meanwhile, no word is in on what MIssissippi State is doing, so we'll have to assume this guy eating a sub in a movie theater was every player on MSU.

Also, if you think Marvin Gaye can't get you excited about sports, you're dead wrong.