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New Year's Eve Sips, featuring Gator Bowl Uniforms, picks/predictions, and much, much more

A lot of links about the Gator Bowl between Northwestern and Mississippi State, including info on what uniforms the teams are wearing and who a lot of different people are picking.


Racists: Sunday brought the news that Mississippi State will be wearing their white-on-white-on-white uniforms with matte helmets. That brought the rumor that Northwestern would be wearing their black-on-black-on-black uniforms with matte helmets. That said, when Northwestern took the field for photo day Monday, pictures showed them in purple uniforms with the bowl patch sewn on, so its safe to assume either they'll wear those or some seamstresses are going to get super-overworked. The black unis were cool, but it was a one-time thing. Gotta wear purple for the big game.

Shaken, not stirred: Mississippi State will supposedly employ a spy against Northwestern when Kain Colter's in the game, as they've really struggled against dual-threat QB's this year. Hey, fine. That won't really stop the spread option, because it's just a half-hearted version of assignment football. And it'll open up things for Colter in the passing game, and he's got the arm to make easy completions. It will cut down on his ability to scramble, but I still don't like the strategy from MSU's perspective.

Ya boy Banks: Commenter NU gap made this awesome five-minute long video of Mississippi State cornerbacks Johnthan Banks and Darius Slay, starting with when they did well, continuing with when they did poorly, and then showing how they play the short ball.

Great, great stuff.

I thought it was the rest of the B1G with the meth: NU Highlights had this awesome video of Northwestern defensive highlights mixed with Mike Hankwitz/Walter White, who are the same person. Northwestern's defense is the danger.

#BYCTOMBOWL #BYCTOMBOWL #BYCTOMBOWL #BYCTOMBOWL #BYCTOMBOWL: Read read read read read go go it's the best.

Overdogs?: Chris Emma of Scout makes a good point: Northwestern hasn't exactly been unlucky in bowls - well, maybe sometimes - they've been heavily outgunned. This time, they have their best shot yet, and it's time for them to take it. Chad and MNWildcat make similar points in a really nicely done post over at Off Tackle Empire that you all should read unless you hate your fellow commenters.

No Sully?: Can't disagree too hard with Sherman Ave's list of the six most hated athleMEYERS LEONARD CHRIST THAT GUY WAS SUCH A DOUCHEY DOOFUS JERK. Sorry, had to get that out.

AIN'T NOBODY MESSIN WITH MY PICKS. PICKS. PICKS. PICKS. PICKS. THEY WONDER. THEY WONDER. THEY WONDER: ERRBODY PICKIN TODAY. For Whom the Cowbell Tolls had a really, really, really detailed and well-done preview post. HTP had their pick up, and it's too close to mine. Inside NU had a big panel picking (and also interviewed Brandon Marcello, which is good).

Well that's all for now! If any other stuff breaks between now and the game, I guess we're boned. Oh, wait, I can do another post later and cover it. Cool.