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Name Of The Week: Indiana Edition

Vote on some names, like Chase Hoobler and Tregg Waters and Quai Chadler and Forisse Hardin and Jamonne Chester.

Jamie Sabau - Getty Images

Yeah, we still do this on the new site! A little worried less voters because the poll isn't right on the front of the site, but whatever.

Congratulations are due to Nile Banks for his easy, easy victory last week. I'm gonna be honest: narrowing down the field this week was incredibly tough. Indiana has some real quality names, and no real standouts, but I had to cut some. So you know what? I'm just making it an enormous field. Deal with it. New layout, new rules. Ten names to choose from. (I left DuWyce Wilson off, though. He's had his fun on here.

No. 87, Leneil Himes, DT: I love the contrast between the entirely not-people-potentially-named-Neil trend of adding "Le" in front of names brought to somebody named "Neil".

Leneil is a sophomore defensive tackle who has already played tight end and fullback in his career, but still has yet to record some stats.

No. 13, Kofi Hughes, WR: "Hughes" is the least likely name of somebody trying to become the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Kofi's now a junior, two years removed from his first season playing when he had 536 yards and three touchdowns in addition to 162 on the ground. He has eight catches for 98 yards thus far through three games.

No. 99, Adarius Rayner, DT: Another nice twist on the "Le/De" name scheme. Which Darius Rayner? Oh, just a Darius Rayner. No definite articles in this piece.

Adarius, a redshirt freshman, has played in all three games as a reserve defensive tackle, recording two tackles, one for a loss.

No. 14, Nick Stoner, WR: Man, have you ever watched Indiana football... on weed? Totally changes your opinion on everything, man. I knew a Stoner by last name at college, and its not even worth making jokes. You've heard all 7 million of them by the time you're in college.

Nick is a runner on Indiana's Big Ten Champion track team as well as playing wide out. He switched from defensive back to WR this year, He has six catches for 62 yards and some punt returns as well.

No. 4, Forisse Hardin, LB: I'm disappointed Forisse isn't a nerdy glasses-wearer, because "Four-eyes Forisse" would've been too much for playground bullies.

Forisse has four tackles on the year as a reserve linebacker, but made his mark last season with a goal-line pick against Penn State.

No. 47, Chase Hoobler, LB: Hoobler!!!

Chase Hoobled his way onto the Yahoo and BTN all-Freshman Big Ten teams last season for his constant Hoobling at the linebacker spot. He has ten tackles and a sack thus far on the season. Hoobledy Hoobledy Hoob Hooble, Hooble.

No. 34, Jacarri Alexander, LB: Too much of a similarity to Bacarri Rambo to pass up, except no Rambo.

Jacarri's a junior college transfer, who, like Hoobler, has ten tackles on the season. No sacks tho!

No. 84, Jamonne Chester, WR: Like I noted last year: Jamaicans say his first name to each other as a greeting and his last name is a first name. Not much more you could ask for.

Jamonne was the team's third best wide receiver with 21 catches for 240 yards last season, and now a junior, he has six for 64 yards.

No. 18, Tregg Waters: Treading water is the act of staying afloat, yet stationary. Tregging water is a complicated process involving a jackhammer, a beer bong, the heart of a phoenix, and a pound and a half of solid creosote. It is considered unsafe for those below the age of 14.

Tregg is also a juco transfer, but has yet to pick up any stats as a Hoosier.

No. 35, Quai Chandler, DB: His name means "wharf" in French. Make of that what you will.

Q D'Orsay is a freshman defensive back who is redshirting.