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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Indiana Hoosiers Preview/Prediction Threadstravaganza!

The Northwestern Wildcats take on the Indiana Hoosiers looking to go 5-0, start off the Big Ten with a win - and oh yeah, the loser has the most losses of all time in college football history LOL

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The WHO WILL BE THE LOSINGEST bowl is tomorrow, and suffice it to say, I'm super-excited. I try to push that narrative, but oh, if they win, Northwestern also gets to start 5-0 and 1-0 in the Big Ten Conference and will probably be ranked. So there's lots of good things happening if they win. (TL;DR: winning good, losing bad.)

Let's see who the staff thinks will come out on top y'all!


It is a little worrisome that national pundits are starting to hop on the Northwestern bandwagon and there is even a little talk of a B1G championship game appearance, despite being left out of the Top 25. Coming in as 11-point favorites in a Big Ten game; it would seem customary for a Wildcat letdown, but I think NU is a better, more focused team than the Hoosiers. IU Receivers Shane Wynn and Cody Latimer may get loose for a TD or two, otherwise 'Cats control this one and move to 5-0. Only letdown I foresee is a backdoor cover by the Hoosiers dropping NU, who is quietly 4-0 ATS, to 4-1.

Final Score: Northwestern, 27-17


Both of these offenses match up well against the defenses, but I still expect less scoring than last year's 59-38 win. Another three score win looks to be in reach, though.

Final Score: Northwestern, 41-24


I foresee an offensive shootout here. With both teams running the no huddle, I think the defenses will be gassed by the end of the third quarter. So, will our offense, which has yet to fully click for an entire game, be able to keep up? I dunno, I have my doubts, but that's the chicken little in me. I think we see a repeat of the Syracuse game here. We get out to a lead, watch it evaporate in the second half, and then mount a late 4th quarter charge to clinch the win. We move to 5-0, and are ranked in the top 10. Ok, maybe top 20.

Final Score: Northwestern, 30-28


oh right, I'm supposed to send you a prediction for this game

Final Score: Indiana, 31-28


Northwestern's offense sputtered in two straight games against Vanderbilt and Boston College, but I still have faith in their ability to put up points, especially against an Indiana squad that doesn't give the impression that they could stop anything over the past two seasons. Cam Coffman will give his team a few scores, but I think Northwestern pulls out a - relatively - comfortable victory in the second half. It won't be a romp like last year, but style points aren't huge when you're trying to win.

Final Score: Northwestern 35, Indiana 24