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Northwestern-Indiana preview by the numbers

A statistical look at Saturday's Northwestern vs. Indiana match-up

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"Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write." -- H.G.Wells

"Statistics are no substitute for judgment." -- Henry Clay

Here are a few statistics I've cherry-picked from the Northwestern game notes and the Indiana game notes in advance of Saturday's big game.

326.0: IU passing yards per game, ranking 13th nationally

221.3: NU rushing yards per game, ranking 27th nationally

3: consecutive games in which NU has had a 100-yard rusher, the first time that has happened since the last game of 2006 and the first two games of 2007

21.4: average number of seconds IU's offense takes to snap the ball after each play

6: number of IU touchdown drives covering at least 70 yards in less than 1:30 and in six or fewer plays.

212.3: IU rushing yards per game, not too shabby

72.8: rushing yards allowed per game by NU, ranking 11th in nation

1: number of turnovers committed by IU, an interception

3: number of turnovers committed by NU, all fumbles

8: seniors on the Hoosiers' roster, tied for fewest in FBS. Only five of them came to IU on scholarship. Nine true freshmen have played for IU so far this season.

2.5: sacks allowed by NU per game, ranking 91st

53%: NU's third-down conversion rate, ranking 13th

56%: IU's fourth-down conversion rate (5-of-9)

24,364: pathetic attendance at Ryan Field the last time the Hoosiers came to Evanston in 2009, and on Homecoming, no less.

44: Fitz' career coaching wins, five shy of NU all-time leader Lynn "Pappy" Waldorf