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More Gator Bowl sips? MORE GATOR BOWL SIPS!

The final (?) stuff from Northwestern's Gator Bowl win over Mississippi State, although we hope stuff floats around forever.


Some last Gator Bowl stuff that's floating around, although I hope more stuff floats around forever.

BOWL WIN BYCTOM BOWL WIN BYCTOM BOWL WIN BYCTOM: The latest post from Bring Your Champions, They're Our Meat is so much fun to read. So do it.

Greeny withdrawal: If you missed it, Pat Fitzgerald went on Mike and Mike the other day. Great interview and fun to listen to, even if it did feature Fitz saying he emulates Notre Dame and Mike Golic not shutting up about it.

From-the-stands-view pt. 2: MNWildcat over at Off-Tackle Empire reviewed the weekend in Jacksonville.

The boys are Back in town: NU Highlghts captured the team returning to Evanston, if you haven't heard the fight song enough. If you REALLY haven't heard the fight song enough, here's the team singing it after the win:

Money never sleeps: Of course, when Northwestern gets national cred, the Wall Street Journal isn't going to miss out on the fun. But yeah, they're right: NU was a rare bright spot in bowl season for the Big Ten. The biggest bright spot, no offense to Michigan State's game-winning field goal to go 7-6.

R.I.P.: Could stand for either "Rest in Peace" or "Ripped into Pieces" when referring to Northwestern's bowl monkey. They kept the head intact, though.

FUTURECATS: Corbin Bryant and Drake Dunsmore have signed futures contracts with the Buffalo Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, respectively. Good for them.