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Venric Mark injury update: Maybe Northwestern's RB can play vs. Ohio State, actually

Venric Mark was a full go in practice Tuesday, so it seems like Ohio State's got a Marknado on its hands.

Stephen Lam

Yesterday we posted about how although Venric Mark was listed as the starter on Northwestern's depth chart, it didn't particularly mean much.

Considering Northwestern a) had listed Mark as a starter before in games he sat b) nobody said anything of substance as to whether Mark would play c) we need to be gloomy and doomy because WE'RE TOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS NORTHWESTERN-OHIO STATE GAME AND NEED SOMETHING TO HOLD US BACK DAMMIT, we expressed disappointment with the uncertainty surrounding Mark's injury.

But the more people talk about Venric Mark, the more it seems like he'll be ready to go. Various reports from practice today:

Here's Mark actually talking:

It sounds like Mark shouldn't have played against Cal. It also sounds like he thinks he's ready to go, and although Pat Fitzgerald won't say anything besides that he is "optimistic" Mark will be able to play, it seems like he's practicing as is.

We said this yesterday, but Mark makes Northwestern's horizontal run game dynamic when paired in the option alongside Kain Colter, and he's a big part of the reason Northwestern's special teams put the team in a position to win games last year. Northwestern has gone 4-0 without him because of weak opposition and because Treyvon Green has looked alright. But we know what Mark can do, and we know it's good to have him.

You know, I was already too pumped for this game. And now, we know that there's a Marknado coming.

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