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One Northwestern vs. Ohio State commercial will make you crack up and the other will make you run through a wall

There are two videos floating around the internet for Northwestern vs. Ohio State. They are both the best.

Do you remember when Northwestern built up to its opener with one hilarious video starring Trevor Siemian singing Wagon Wheel and one AHHHHH SO HYPE video with Kain Colter standing in front of various things? Well, this is even better, because one video made my even more excited than I already was for Northwestern vs. Ohio State, and the other video somehow made me laugh even though I'm so on edge that I could rip down most masonry at this point in the week.

The first one isn't done by NU -- it's ESPN. BUT STILL:

I told my story realted to this video on Twitter, and I was not lying:

I've joked about wanting to run through walls due to things Pat Fitzgerald has said in the past, and, well, now I know what that actually means: The adrenaline from that 30 second clip gave me energy to run 15 extra minutes, just thinking about Saturday's game. No joke. I felt so lame for being such a ridiculous fanboy afterwards, but at least I'm my fanboyishness is keeping me in shape.

The second is by NU Sports, and made me smile and laugh: I don't know what my favorite part is, so I'll list my top however many I feel like:

1. SID extraodrinaire Doug Meffley in a damn starring role. Also, the fact that Northwestern apparently doesn't know the difference between pirates and Revolutionary war people.

2. Collin Ellis talking about Kirk Herbstreit's Dove commercials.

3. "This dude knows a lot about football AND tennis."

4. Traveon Henry with the spot-on Lee Corso impression


6. MORTY!!!!! And he has a Davion Fleming jersey?

We're under 72 hours, and my heart is full. I have no more room in my heart.

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