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Northwestern apparently going ALL-BLACK EVERYTHING uniforms against Ohio State

The "We Gon Run This Town Tonight" selection, worn previously against Nebraska last year. Or maybe something else?


We were kind of hoping Under Armour would dial up something new and exciting for Northwestern's game against Ohio State, and although Northwestern won't be wearing their typical duds, its not necessarily something new and exciting.

Here's what the mannequin around the team's offices looks like, which tends to be a harbinger of what the team is wearing:

I like ALL-BLACK EVERYTHING. It's no ALL-WHITE EVERYTHING like Northwestern wore against Cal, but it's still slick. I don't buy into the "hey this is Northwestern's signature game they should be wearing purple" theory, because, well, college football uniforms are just things to convince recruits to play for your team, and although I love Northwestern's purple jerseys, kids love alternates, man. That confirms this:

My only problem with this is if you wear something for a game like that, man, don't wear it again!

However, there is this:

That certainly does look like a crazy black alternate with some purple featured. Not sure where Nate Williams found that, and not sure if it's actually a thing Northwestern plans on wearing. It is worth noting that Northwestern is scheduled to receive new Under Armour alternate jerseys for the team's game against Michigan later in the year, jerseys that may be a part of UA's Wounded Warrior line of uniforms mean to raise money for initiatives helping hurt soldiers, so this screenshot could be a leak from that. But at the very least, it looks like the black-on-black-on-black we saw last year.

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