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Northwestern-Wisconsin depth chart: Sean McEvilly not listed

DT Sean McEvilly would be a big help against Wisconsin. But he won't be in the lineup, according to Northwestern's depth chart.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it's time to move forward (although we'll still take several looks back at Northwestern-Ohio State), and we'll start by taking a peek at Northwestern's depth chart and the one big player missing: Sean McEvilly is not on there after missing the last two games with some sort of injury, and that will continue to be a big loss for the Wildcats.

Like we said last week, McEvilly is Northwestern's best defensive tackle. With him out, Carlos Hyde ran for 168 damn yards, many of them coming on plays up the middle where a sturdy DT might have been able to impede his progress. Northwestern's d-line didn't get any push up the middle all night, and you have to believe that McEvilly would have improved matters.

Wisconsin hangs its hat on having a strong offensive line and a power running game. That's a bit different this year under Gary Andersen -- Melvin Gordon and James White are better outside the tackles than past Wisconsin running backs, so guys in the middle of the line aren't as important -- but it still bases its game on running. Joel Stave isn't a spectacular QB, and the team has 1,503 yards on just 202 carries. Gordon is averaging 10.3 yards per carry on 68 carries. So, uh, they can run. Northwestern will be in trouble if it can't make plays up on runs up the gut. Will Hampton and Chance Carter have to step up to keep Wisconsin from doing bad things to Northwestern on the ground.

That said, it sure is nice to talk about people besides Venric Mark, who looked as spry and awesome as ever Saturday night. He's healthy as of now, and it would be nice for that to be the case for the rest of his last year as a Wildcat.

Elsewhere on the depth chart: minutiae! VERY IMPORTANT MOVE swapping Hayden Baker and Matt Frazier from backup right guard and backup center to backup center and backup right guard. Duly noted. And the two-deep has become a one-deep at slot receiver Mike Jensen no longer has a backup. NOBODY CAN MESS WITH MIKE JENSEN.

The full chart:

Starter Backup
QB Kain Colter (Sr.)
13 Trevor Siemian (Jr.)
RB Venric Mark (Sr. 32 Mike Trumpy (Sr.) or 22 Treyvon Green (Jr.)
WR-X Tony Jones (Jr.) 21 Kyle Prater (So.)
WR-Y 80 Mike Jensen (Sr.)

WR-Z 17 Rashad Lawrence (Sr.) 19 Cameron Dickerson (So.)
WR-H 14 Christian Jones (Jr.) 82 Andrew Scanlan (Fr.)
SB 40 Dan Vitale (So.) 85 Mark Szott (So.)
LT 75 Jack Konopka (Jr.) 71 Shane Mertz (So.)
LG 53 Geoff Mogus (So.) 73 Adam DePietro (Fr.)
C 65 Brandon Vitabile (Jr.) 65 Hayden Baker (Jr.)
RG 64 Ian Park (Fr.) 57 Matt Frazier (So.)
RT 78 Paul Jorgensen (Jr.) 76 Eric Olson (Fr.)
DE 97 Tyler Scott (Sr.) Ifeadi Odenigbo (Fr.)
DT 92 Will Hampton (Sr.) 90 C.J. Robbins (So.)
DT 99 Chance Carter(Jr.) 96 Max Chapman (So)
DE 94 Dean Lowry (So.) OR 98 Deonte Gibson (So.)
SLB 45 Collin Ellis (Jr.) 42 Joseph Jones (Fr.)
MLB 46 Damien Proby (Sr.) 50 Timmy Vernon (Sr.
WLB 44 Chi Chi Ariguzo (Jr.) 55 Drew Smith (So.)
CB 23 Nick VanHoose (So.) 27 Matthew Harris (Fr.)
S 24 Ibraheim Campbell (Jr.) 16 Davion Fleming (Sr.) or 26 Terrance Brown (Fr.)
S 10 Traveon Henry (So.) Jimmy Hall (Jr.)
CB Dwight White (Fr.) 13 C.J. Bryant (Jr.)
P 49 Brandon Williams (Sr.)
K (FG) 37 Jeff Budzien (Sr.)
KO 37 Jeff Budzien (Sr.)
LS 59 Pat Hickey (Sr.) 52 Chris Fitzpatrick (So.)
H 49 Brandon Williams (Sr.)
PR Tony Jones (Jr.) OR
5 Venric Mark (Sr.)
KR Venric Mark (Sr.) OR
Stephen Buckley (Fr.) OR 27 Matthew Harris (Fr.)

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