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Northwestern vs. Nebraska final score: ANOTHER DAMN HAIL MARY ARE YOU KIDDING ME


Another year, another loss on a Hail Mary. and being a Northwestern fan is the absolute worst.

It was a tale of two halves. In the first, Northwestern moved the ball as they should against a Nebraska defense that's been noted for its poopiness. The Wildcats put up 21 points, all three touchdowns coming via Treyvon Green. (Treyvon Green is a damn saint.)

And then, in the second half, any semblance of offense disappeared, and a Trevor Siemian pick-six allowed Nebraska to get back into the game. Siemian looked as bad as he has in recent weeks, and with the Wildcats down to just one scholarship running back -- Stephen Buckley suffered a nasty-looking injury in the first half, thoughts out to him -- there wasn't a lot of room for creativity offensively.

But Tyler Scott intercepted Ron Armstrong, one of two Nebraska quarterbacks trying and failing to replace Taylor Martinez, running the ball down to the 7-yard line with under three minutes to go in a tie ballgame. A Jeff Budzien field goal gave NU the lead, and the Wildcats had to hold up three.

They threw a Hail Mary. It converted.

Two straight years, Northwestern has deflected a Hail Mary late in a game where their best cornerback got injured. Both times, Northwestern somehow deflected it to a player on the other team. This is a curse.

And now we're 0-5.