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Northwestern vs. Michigan State: We predict with souls weary

we have grown tired of thinking about this damn football team

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I'm just so, so tired, you guys. Not physically -- today's my day off, actually -- in the sense that I have no desire to write or think about Northwestern football for anything besides the three hours wherein I am obligated to watch them every week.

Does this make me a bad fan? Perhaps. It certainly makes me a bad blogger, but, I will continue to fulfill my barest of responsibilities by doing these posts.

Let's predict Northwestern vs. Michigan State, you guys.


I don't think it will be a shutout. Sparty wins, 17-6.


I've predicted 'Cats wins every week. But watching last week's debacle in the drizzle has broken me. I'd love to predict a win, but against this hellacious Sparty defense, I'm having a hard time seeing it. Nevertheless, Budzien is still a gaddamned boss. 14-9, Sparty. Le sigh.


File:Tire fire.png

Michigan State 37
Northwestern 13


We finally put it together and win comfortably, setting up a loss to Illinois next week.

Northwestern 31, Michigan State 21


I've been predicting a lot of close wins for Northwestern. I've been right about the close part, but, well, obviously very wrong about the result.

I have no rational thoughts about this game, because this team has exhausted them.

Michigan State, 13, Northwestern, 10