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Northwestern loses to Michigan State, won't go to a bowl game

A disaster season won't have a postseason.

David Banks

Northwestern isn't going to go to a bowl game. For the first time since 2006, Northwestern won't even have enough wins to go to a bowl game.

For the second time in this season, Northwestern was dominated offensively and defensively. We'd joked about Northwestern having horrendous luck in past weeks, because they did. Today, however, we found out that Northwestern simply isn't anywhere close to as good as Michigan State. Quite frankly, it was better this way: we got to stop holding out hope way earlier.

When this season started, I imagined a worst-case scenario where Northwestern won five games. And now they're going to need to beat Illinois next week to make that happen. This has been disappointing and disastrous. We hope it's a one year blip, but it's time to start wondering if that thing we saw last year was actually the high point for Northwestern football.

Go Cats and stuff.