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Northwestern football does the "Harlem Shake"

Yeah, it happened.

You know the Harlem Shake? That dance that isn't actually the Harlem Shake?

Well, as you can see, Northwestern football has now done their version. Props go to:

1) dude with American flag booty shorts

2) dude making out with an Under Armour dummy (apparently, this is offensive lineman Matt Frazier)

3) dude in a banana suit sexually assaulting someone in what appears to be a gorilla suit in the middle of a scrum. Come to think of it, this is really sexually charged.

4) Kain Colter rocking matching orange... well, whatever those are and a hat.

5) Guy in a sombrero riding a guy in a hot dog costume like a horse

My point is, I hate my life and everything about it. I sort of knew this was eventually going to happen after I had to do a post about Georgia doing their Harlem Shake video. It actually turned out pretty well!