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Northwestern, Cubs to announce Wrigley Field partnership

Northwestern announced Saturday that the Wrigley Game vs. Illinois wasn't a one-time thing: they'll be announcing a partnership with the Chicago Cubs featuring other sport games and potentially more football.

Jonathan Daniel

There's gonna be another Northwestern football game at Wrigley Field, and possibly some other stuff too.

In the middle of NU's basketball win against Purdue today, Northwestern sports surprised with this tweet:

What could that be? Everybody initially guessed football games, and they were kind of right, as Teddy Greenstein elaborated that it's not just a football game, although that's part of it - it's actually a cross-sport kinda thing:

Chicago's Big Ten team! There is a plan for future football games, although that's contingent on Wrigley's renovation plans, which would make it so that the field isn't like 28 feet long and you die if you score a touchdown in one of the end zones. How long are lacrosse and soccer fields/would I go see that?

I gotta say, I like it, kinda. Nice to see them really harping on the Chicago's Big Ten team thing, and although Wrigley was gimmicky as hell and the result of the game was REDACTED, it was still an awesome thing, and it would be cool for NU to be associated with it more. I've often said it was best as a one-time thing, but we'll see how all this goes.

Here's the link to Greenstein's article.

(Oh, and yes, both Northwestern and the Cubs lose a lot LOL)