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More specifics from Northwestern-Wrigley Field deal

Here's some updates from what Jim Phillips had to say at the press conference for the business agreement between the Northwestern Wildcats and Chicago Cubs, which, as we wrote earlier, includes five Northwestern football games at Wrigley Field.

  • There will definitely be five NU football games at Wrigley. Although the agreement is five years, the deal includes five football games, regardless of the time frame. So Wrigley games won't start until 2014, and could last longer than five years after that.
  • No games in October, despite LOL Cubs baseball.
  • They're going to make the top of the away dugout temporarily moveable to make the football field work. The NCAA requires a 12-foot perimeter around the field.
  • Jim Phillips: "We'll select who we're going to play against." It won't be the same school every year.
  • It sounded like there will be one non-football event per year over the five-year extent of the deal. That starts with baseball in April and lax next year.
More stuff when we know it.