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Northwestern Signing Day Sips, featuring... well, Signing Day

It's Signing Day! Here, look at this stuff on Northwestern football recruiting from around the internet.

Pat Fitzgerald's Twitter

Wooo! I'm off my morning shift, so let's look at stuff!

Before you ask: everybody signed as expected. Get excited for the Matt Alviti era.

Seriously good signing day stuff: Before anything starts, you have to look at three things. First off, the obvious one, Northwestern's official signing day recap, which has school-produced highlight reels.There's no analysis there, but there's some stuff that's important:

First off, and by far the least important: hey, two walk-ons! First anybody has heard about that.

Second, it has position projections for players, which is important for players considered "athletes". Here's how those guys stack up:

Godwin Igwebuike - a four-star by some, including Scout, who have him safety - is projected to play running back. That's super-interesting, especially since NU already had two three-star running backs - Keith Watkins and Xavier Menifeld - in the class.

Next, Tom Fuessel - went by Tommy in high school! - who played QB in high school, will play wide out. No surprise.

Third, Matt Harris, a two-way guy with ability at running back and defensive back, will be a CB. Makes sense with Igwbuike.

Second, LTP's, which has analysis of each player and has nice analysis of each guy. Third, InsideNU's, which has a little interactive feature on each player, which is also really nice, which tells you more about the type of offers other people get, and also links to outside highlight videos from each guy. Nice work all around - I hope people keep reading here since I feel I do other stuff nicely, but those dudes done killed it! I'll analyze the class too, with time.

More like... uh... LAMES Clark: Yeah, 4-star James Clark signed with Ohio State, officially ruling out him coming to NU. Whatevs!

NERRRRRRRRRDS: This is important:

Baked Alviti: Teddy Greenstein profiled him in the Trib. Dude doesn't have a left earlobe, which is... I mean, gross, I guess. Also in the Trib, a story from David Haugh about Northwestern's commitment to commitment, which I kinda wrote a few weeks back, biter.

That's it for now - like I said, more later.,