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Jeremy Ebert released by New England Patriots

The New England Patriots brought in a ton of wide receivers, which means they could cut Jeremy Ebert loose, ruining the opportunity for he and Mike Kafka to rekindle their QB-WR bond.


I started this little stream here with the indication of explicitly keeping tabs on Northwestern's NFL players - in past its been sprinkled through, like, Sips and stuff, and, uh, also I'm just trying to post more after work got the better of me for a little while - and its a bummer we start out with some less fun stuff: the New England Patriots are letting 2012 seventh-round pick Jeremy Ebert loose.

No surprise here: the Pats have recently focused on wide receiver after letting Wes Welker go, signing Danny Amendola, Donald Jones, and Michael Jenkins while resigning Julian Edelman in the offseason, as well as adding second- and fourth-rounders in Aaron Dobson and Josh Boyce. That's a lot of receivers, and Ebert was the least important.

Jeremy never got to play in a game for the Pats. Judging from what's happened when he's been cut earlier in the year, he won't be on the scrap heap long - two releases in 2012 saw him quickly sign with the Philadelphia Eagles, then again with the Pats. He did catch a preseason touchdown, which is nice.

The good news - well, "good" in that it's the NFL, "bad" in that it's the Patriots, hate hate hate hate - is that Mike Kafka is still on the Pats, and he has a great opportunity to stick behind Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett if the team opts to keep three quarterbacks, which they don't always.