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Mike Kafka signs with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike Kafka wasn't unemployed for very long after being cut by Tim Tebow, signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars and earning the option to hook up with a former wide receiver in Jeremy Ebert.

Andy Lyons
Less than 24 hours after the Patriots cut Mike Kafka for Tim Tebow, dude has a home: he signed with the Jaguars:

It's noteworthy that the Jaguars were one of the most bandied about teams when discussing potential Tebow targeters, but they opted not to sign him while bringing in the guy cut for Tebow. The Jaguars weren't the only team interested, either:

The Jags currently have five QB's: Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne are likely locks due to contracts, Matt Scott and Jordan Rodgers were unsigned rookies, and Kafka should be given the opportunity to make the roster over both. Also on the roster: Jeremy Ebert, who was also cut by the Pats and then quickly signed by the Jags. So now the Cats are all about that DUVAAAAAAAAAAAAAL, and get to rekindle the flame from Kafka's senior year, Ebert's junior year. Kafka is actually the fourth player cut by the Patriots signed by the Jaguars in the last month.

Also also on the Jags roster: Denard Robinson, who Kafka presumably hasn't forgiven for breaking his single-game Big Ten QB rushing record.

Also, in reviewing the Tebow-Pats news, I found this real groaner of a line about Kafka:

Where he might go next is anybody’s guess, but Tebow’s former employers in New Jersey have shown interest in plenty of quarterbacks this offseason. Should they decide that the competition between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith needs a metamorphosis, they could make this a near swap between the AFC East teams.

Here's to Kafka finally getting a shot after his brief stroke of Monday night brilliance with the Eagles a few years back. And yes, the Northwestern alumni in the NFL tracker has been updated.