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Pat Fitzgerald at Big Ten Media Days: 'It's Time For Action'

Coach Pat Fitzgerald was first up at Big Ten Media Days, and mentioned NU's tough non-conference schedule as well as the fact that Northwestern has to do things besides just appear in bowl games.


Pat Fitzgerald was thefirst up at Big Ten Media Days, and I was ready to take notes on what Northwestern's head coach in his official first interaction with the media of 2013... and... well, my computer randomly turned off three minutes in, and now won't turn on. Highlights, by people whose computers were on.

Here's the full transcript of Fitz's comments.

Fitz started off by mentioning that he's excited -- he asked if anybody out there was charting how many times college football coaches said they were "excited" at Media Days, and mentioning that his team had been to five straight bowl games. But:

Fitz: "5 straight bowl seasons, but we're just getting started at's time for action" - MB
Off the heels of our longest bowl streak and to have the number of men we have coming back gives us great confidence that we'll be able to take the next step.

Fitz talked about the schedule, which features a Cal team and Syracuse team in the first few weeks:

We will adjust our practice plan during the Cal week to prepare for time zone and game time change.

— Matt Brown (@MattLGHL) July 24, 2013

On the offensive line, where he feels Northwestern has players capable of sliding in at right tackle and the two guard spots:

On discipline, where some people thought he took a shot at Ohio State (he didn't):

He used that as a segue intor ecruiting

Fitz admits that NW is often a little late in offering recruits, but they need the extra time in making sure they're getting the right caliber of person for their program. Seems to be working. - MB

He mainly answered questions on targeting by discussing how much he cares about player safety, and brough up hockey:

And on the big OSU game?

Just random stuff:

And last but not least, look at how shiny he is! Yt6c8c5_medium


Typical Fitz, not much to discern from it, but he somehow managed to say all the right things.

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