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Northwestern Wildcats football: People need to stop saying nice things about us

Sports Illustrated, CBS, and Spencer Hall -- and Taylor Swift? -- all had very nice things to say about Northwestern, and I am absolutely terrified. Or hyped.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, I'm getting a little bit scared here. People keep saying that the Northwestern Wildcats are going to be good in 2013 and I can't handle it.

Today, several people had very good things to say about Northwestern. First up, Sports Illustrated, who released their Top 25, and... IT FEELS LIKE ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS


Yes, another group of people think that the Northwestern Wildcats are the No. 22 team in the country -- first up was the Coaches Poll -- and this means I'm going to make even more Taylor Swift references, because she's my dream woman and makes unfairly catchy songs I would do pretty much anything to be violently broken up with by her and have a song written about me.

Wait what were we talking about? Oh, yeah, football. The write up by Gabriel Baumgartner tags Chi Chi Ariguzo as Northwestern's breakout player, Ifeadi Odenigbo as the freshman to watch, which works pretty nicely, and Ibraheim Campbell as the X-factor. Good to see Northwestern's defense getting some love with everybody swooning over Kain Colter and Venric Mark, considering NU had a better defense than offense, statistically speaking, last year. There's also a fun interview with Pat Fitzgerald.

SI: What was the difference between winning 10 games as a player in 1995 and as a coach last year?

PF: My body hurt a lot less this time around

Northwestern is also featured -- kind of -- on all SI college preview edition covers. (LOL at "Even Duke!")

Next up: Jeremy Fowler, who ranked Northwestern as one if his ten sneaky teams to watch:

I picked the Wildcats to finish third in the Big Ten Legends, as did a few of my colleagues, and I'm starting to feel conflicted about it. Last season, Northwestern lost three games in the final minutes and still won 10. The Kain Colter-Venric Mark combo is lethal on the ground, and if Kyle Prater can fulfill his five-star potential on the edge, this offense will give Ohio State problems on Oct. 5 in Evanston. Replacing starters on the offensive line will be crucial for this team.

He also has Auburn on this list, so maybe we should be less impressed.

But most importantly, Northwestern is the one and only B1G team on Spencer Hall's Entertainment Top 25.

Meerkats. Small, outmanned by every other animal on the savannah, and devoid of any real obvious weapons. You would assume they would be the prewrapped meat burrito for every predator on the prowl, and sure, you almost had one down your throat.

You have to go read the whole thing because a) I didn't include the whole thing and b) Spencer is so very very good at putting words next to other words.

So, memo to everybody: STOP. Although it's fun to see Northwestern get credit, it TOTALLY strips Northwestern of the "we never get any respect" mentality, and besides: YOU'RE SCARING ME. This doesn't happen, ever, and I am somewhat convinced that it cannot possibly end well.

On the other hand, keep writing about how good Northwestern is, because it gets me incredibly hyped.

It feels like one of those nights, you guys.

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