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Christian Jones, Northwestern Wildcats football, No. 14

Christian Jones was Northwestern's top receiver last year, and we expect him to be Northwestern's top receiver again in 2013.


Look, guys, writing stories about Christian Jones is damn near impossible, because there is a linebacker for Florida State and a wide receiver for Alabama of the same name. (Alabama's is "Christion," but he still pops up on Google searches.) Northwestern may be nationally ranked and everything, but we ain't winnin no google search battles against FSU and 'Bama.

But alas, we forge on, because Christian Jones is damn good at playing wide receiver for Northwestern. TWO FRIGGIN WEEKS, Y'ALL

Origin myth

Christian comes from Spring, Texas, which is basically Houston. His high school career is kinda easy to summarize: as a junior, it was notable he was a monster: 37 receptions for 817 yards, including playoff games with 100 yards and three touchdowns. He was ranked as the No. 108 player at any position in the country by ESPN, a four-star receiver, with offers from schools like Stanford, Arkansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Iowa State, and presumably more soon to come.

Then he tore his ACL in spring ball, and everybody backed away. Rivals dropped him to the No. 69 wide receiver in his class, Scout put him at No. 92.

Northwestern stood strong. Jones would only play in three games his senior year as he came back from his injury, but managed 10 catches for 220 yards and three touchdowns. Jones picked Northwestern over Rice with all the other schools cooled off, on his talent. In a sick way, Jones' ACL injury was great for him and us: it allowed him to end up at Northwestern, where he could be featured, rather than being lumped in at a bigger school. Same thing happened to Kain Colter -- weird, NU's strategy of being nice to people who have unfortunate injuries actually pays off when those people end up being just as talented as they were before.


At Northwestern

Jones got off to a super-hot start, with a pretty 27-yard catch in the season-opener of his very first game his true freshman year. He'd only have 16 catches for 195 yards, but he showed his big play ability right off the bat.

His sophomore year, tho, he busted loose. He was the starter at Northwestern's H receiver spot -- a guy who can basically do whatever, doing a lot of work out of the slot but also sometimes as a feature deep guy, I believe the "H" stands for "hybrid" -- Northwestern didn't have a violent passing game last year, but Jones was the most consistent deep option, with team highs of 35 receptions for 412 yards.

Career highlight

Christian Jones' catch against Iowa may be Northwestern's prettiest play of the year. At the 47-yard line with Kain Colter in at quarterback, the Hawkeyes weren't expecting a deep ball. Rashad Lawrence on the outside ran a short route, drawing his corner, the slot receiver ran a route over the middle, drawing the safety, and Christian Jones, who was in the middle of a trips set right, was matched up one on one on No. 20, who roster research indicates was linebacker Christian Kirksey. It did not go well for Kirksey. The throw was a bit high, but the 6'3 Jones reeled it in at about the five and Kirksey's I-should-try-to-deflect-this-oh-no-I-missed-I-should-try-to-tackle-him-while-still-in-the-air attempt ended up with him in a clump at Jones' feet, leaving the receiver to comfortably walk into the end zone.

Anagram of choice

Discovering the Wildcats' true inner selves through spelling

Christian Jones, anagrammed, is


Christian Jones is 6'3, yet somehow manages to sneak through defenses unnoticed, which proves to be deadly. Christian Jones is a ninja ostritch. (Also considered: "Racist Johnnies," which is JOHNNY FOOTBALLLLLLLLL, "Janitors niches," which is... cleaning stuff.)

Relevant musical selection

"Still Tippin'" Mike Jones ft. Paul Wall and Slim Thug

I would've used this song anyway because his last name is "Jones," but CHRISTIAN JONES IS FROM HOUSTON AND SO ARE MIKE JONES PAUL WALL AND SLIM THUG

Also, severe apologies: I realize that I used a JoJo song for Joseph Jones instead of "Still Tippin'" by Mike Jones ft. Paul Wall and Slim Thug. I regret this sincerely but hope you appreciate my decision not to resign.

How he can help

Jones is a danged playmaker. 6'3, speedy, seemingly very good hands, ability to dodge tackles. What else are we supposed to say about the guy who should be Northwestern's top wide receiver?

NU's game is ground-based, but it's nice to have somebody capable of being a feature pass-catcher like Jones. It's especially interesting that he's featured so prominent out of the H spot -- Zeke Markshausen was the most prominent "H" guy in recent memory, and he was basically just a tiny guy who was a solid route-runner who caught the ball when it was thrown to him -- but it fits for Jones, capable of being a big target across the middle and capable of making big plays down field. I expect him to have pretty similar stats as Northwestern stays with Kain and Venric for the most part, and also expect him to once again lead the team in receptions and yardage.

Depth chart projection

Just kept him startin at H.

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