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Pierre Youngblood-Ary, Northwestern Wildcats football, No. 11

Pierre Youngblood-Ary is tough to anagram for, and could participate somewhere at WR for Northwestern this year after basically only scoring touchdowns in high school.

Christian Petersen

Pierre Youngblood-Ary! Ughhhhh I gotta come back to C.J. Bryant and/or Cermak Bland. And/or Zack Oliver, since he's most definitely not getting the pick over another player who wears No. 10. No time to lose right now tho, because 11 days and then the Northwestern Wildcats play a football game against another football team!

For now, let's discuss Pierre, a real sleeper pick for one of my favorite names on the team. He's a 6'3 wideout from Orlando, just like another one of Northwestern's wide-outs. Let's get to know him!

Origin myth

Pierre actually started his career out as "Xavier" -- Pierre is his middle name -- and we're sorely disappointed he changed, since Northwestern needs an "X-Man" (the obligatory nickname for any "Xavier) more than it needs someone with a French first name. We got reputations to shake!

But I digress. PYA played at Lake Brantley in Orlando, where they ran an option offense that limited his ability to contribute as a wide receiver pretty hard. His senior year, he was only targeted 12 times. But he made the most of it, with nine catches for 296 yards and either four or five touchdowns depending on whether you believe his NU Sports page or this interview he gave after committing. I suppose we could watch his highlights to figure it out, right?

Five. I'm going with five. Honestly, it's a little bit tough to gauge how good someone is when every play of theirs is just the defense like "alllllrighty gotta get ready for another option play WHAT OH NO WHAT OH GOODNESS"

Anyway, Pierre didn't get a whole lotta hype -- because, you know, option -- generally finding himself as a two-star recruit, with 247's composite ranking him as a 3-star and the No. 149 wide receiver in the country. He got offers from Navy, Rice, MTSU, Florida Atlantic, Colorado State, and those types of schools before picking Northwestern about a month before signing day.

At Northwestern

He mainly played special teams last years as a redshirt frosh, but did have a catch against Illinois.

Anagram of choice

Discovering the Wildcats' true inner selves through spelling

Pierre Youngblood-Ary, anagrammed, is


OMG IT'S A CLIFFHANGER. A younger bride poorly WHAT?!?!?!?! Either that or this is just a very weird sequel to "A Scanner Darkly."

Relevant musical selection

I'd be willing to bet one million trillion billion dollars that in last year's Pierre Youngblood-Ary post, I included a video from the erstwhile rap group "Youngbloodz" who were some guys who Lil Jon hung out with and featured him on the songs "Damn" and "Snap Yo Fingers." However: I am tired of repeating myself, so today we will feature an india.arie song

Or at the very least "Everything I Am" by Kanye which references india.arie since I personally have no desire to listen to india.arie right now

PYA Tweets

THE MOST UNIVERSAL WOE. He joins Cameron Dickerson as a WR who has Chipotle tweets. VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE

How he can help

He's 6'3 and fast and Northwestern doesn't have any wide receivers that have proven themselves as elite.

Depth chart projection

Here's where it gets tricky: Youngblood-Ary was listed as Demetrius Fields' backup in the slot last year, but Fields got nearly all the snaps. I'd expect someone else to take over that starting spot -- people have been high on Cameron Dickerson, Mike Jensen seems like he could work in the slot, KYLE PRATER HAS TO DO SOMETHING -- and Youngblood-Ary to stay there or pick up a backup spot previously occupied by whoever takes over in the slot. I wouldn't look at what I put on the actual depth chart -- PYA as backup to Tony Jones at X receiver -- as a likely option, but I just wanted to indicate he'll be in the mix.

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