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Tuesday sips, ft. KAIN COLTER HEISMAN ODDS! WOOO, Camp Kenosha scrimmage, And more.

You can actually bet on Kain Colter winning the Heisman. Take your money and go.

The closest we have to a Heisman pose from No. 2.
The closest we have to a Heisman pose from No. 2.

What do we have today? Oh, just two of the most unbelievably optimistic things I've ever seen and seriously people are getting excited about the Northwestern Wildcats and I'm literally bursting with emotions.

SFM;LIJPOSJADFOIPHQETR;KAJL;KFDSJ: That's the only way I can describe readingthe L.A. Times columnist who ranked Northwestern No. 10 in the nation. Nobody in the AP Poll put Northwestern above No. 13 I SEE YOU ERIC AVIDON OF THE METROWEST DAILY NEWS IN FRAMINGHAM MASSACHUSETTS

KAIN 4 HEISMAN!!!!1!!!: The newest Heisman odds are out, and... OMG KAIN COLTER 50/1 SO YOU'RE SAYING THERE'S A CHANCE WOOOHOOOO YEAH GO CATS GO CATS (runs through brick wall) (fall three stories into parking lot next door to my house) (lifts van) (hurls it at children) (rescues children trapped under van) YEAHHHH. No, but seriously, if a Northwestern player is winning the Heisman, isn't it gonna be Venric Mark? wait why are we even talking about this.

I guess my point is, GO TO LAS VEGAS AND GIVE THEM ALL YOUR MONEY AND WAIT. He has better odds than Johnny Manziel did last year, so he's basically guaranteed to win.

Also, in that post, Venric Mark is tied with Ameer Abdullah in props as to who will lead the B1G in rushing and rushing touchdowns, while Kain is not featured in any passing props.

No t-swift/not interested: Projected BCS standings put NU at No. 26, FOUR SPOTS TOO LOW.

Scrimmage! Camp Kenosha is done, and all we got is this lousy scrimmage footage:

It's actually not lousy scrimmage footage, although obviously not much of the ones in there. Way to be Godwin Igwebuike! Although LTP did indicate Iggy B won't play unless injury necessitates it. Might take him off the depth chart.

GO U NU GO ON THROW YO HANDS UP: Corn Nation proposes a trophy game for the NU title. SON, I'VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR TWO YEARS. They propose it across all sports though, in which Northwestern would be 1-1, just like football. Guys: bring it.

In other B1G blogs writing about Northwestern news, The Champaign Room's breakdown is a reminder that Tom is only joking about hating Northwestern, because the Northwestern-Illinois rivalry is so damn fickle nobody can muster half a whit about it.

SoP's Chicago Tribune debut: In this story about Matt Eliason, featuring Cody. WOO WE'RE FAMOUS!

Wait we have smart athletes I hadn't heard -- Remember Matt Fitzpatrick, the Northwestern stud golf recruit who won the U.S. Amateur? KID HASN'T EVEN PLAYED GOLF THAT MUCH:

But mostly, he'll be a normal 18-year-old kid on campus, with a full course load, late nights and good friends.

And, finally, a primary focus on golf.

That hasn't been the case for the past few years, as Fitzpatrick crammed for the A-level exams. In short, they're SATs on steroids. Students study for two years - in his case, in the subjects of geography, history and sports science - to take a test that decides their future. "They say that they're the hardest exams that you'll ever take," he said.

They consumed his life, and each year the intense studying affected his game. His father would come home from work to see Matt's head buried in his books. Every four days or so, he would grab the clubs and practice for an hour. That's it. He skipped many of England's biggest amateur events to focus on his studies.

Two hours of practice a week. For the No. 1 amateur in the world. I've been saying "woah, why is this kid even coming to Northwestern," but, yo, if he'd only been playing two hours of golf a week, he's gonna become a monster based off of a year or two training in college before going pro.

JADANVEON VITCLOWNEY: Skip's NUSports columns are always fun to read, but a tidbit in this latest one caught my eye:

Vitale is up to 232 after playing last season at 220. He also said he is faster and stronger than last season before concluding, "I'm definitely in the best shape I've ever been in."

OH, YOU KNOW, JUST THAT GUY WHO WAS AWESOME AS A TRUE FRESHMAN SAYING HE'S BIGGER, FASTER, AND STRONGER THAN HE WAS LAST YEAR. How do those three things possibly go together? If that's true... damn!

FROM THE CEILINNNNNNNNNG TO THE FLOOR: LGHL on what each B1G team's best and worst case scenario is... I think 10-2 (Rose Bowl) is an interesting one, because it implies that if Northwestern makes the Rose Bowl, it's more likely that there'll be some damn bloodshed around the conference than it is that Northwestern will be undefeated, and, quite frankly, I agree.

Opponent update: Cal is starting a true freshman, Jared Goff, at QB in the opener. I'm getting good vibes.

And time for a buzzkill: That's right, it involves Northwestern basketball! BT Powerhouse's list of the five ugliest losses last year. Guess which one of Northwestern's is on! No, the other one. No, not that other one -- look, we lost a lot of games last year, but this one was definitely the worst.

BHGP is the best: The Secret Life of Kirk Ferentz, Iowa's worst-case scenario -- NO, REALLY, THEIR WORST-CASE SCENARIO -- and GREG DAVIS CHEWING ON THINGS.